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Who We Are...

Strategically located in China, Health Nest (巢儿孵化) is the first US-China, mentorship-driven incubator/accelerator focusing on seed stage mobile Health and digital Health startups. By utilizing both American and Chinese resources, Health Nest aims to realize a future where healthcare is more affordable and more accessible, for everyone. Think about that!

"For he who has health has hope; and he who has hope, has everything."
-Owen Arthur


Got an idea that can change the world? Get to know our world-class mentors. Apply Health Nest Incubator now.

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Our mentors are well respected doctors,business executives, scholars and investors in the healthcare field. But here, they are your friends.

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Here, you can connect with the community; here, you can get all the resources support; here, you can make your idea into reality.

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Healthcare startups are more than a business. It is a mission. At Health Nest, together we do good.

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What Health Nest Offers….

  • Energetic startup ecosystem in China
  • Step by step guidance moving from "idea" to "reality"
  • World-class mentors who specialize in healthcare
  • Soft-landing support for exploring the US-China market
  • Warm introductions to investors, media and potential vendors
  • A true opportunity to make the world a better place

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Share the same vision with us? Would like to be a mentor? a vendor? or a sponsor/partner? Exciting challenges are happening here every day. Get involved with us!

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Health Nest’s Partners

Health Nest is grateful for our partners support in helping our entrepreneurs succeed. Come say hi and get to know them! .